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We are EntipiviSolutions, dedicatedin providing solutions in analytics via our trainings, products and research consultancy. We address clients by their unique needs to expand into the data analytics field, deliveringhands-on training and consultancy which we develop by client’s specification.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a creative domain blended with technology. Its presence is omnipresent. Come and get trained to be creative digital marketing expert.

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Cloud platforms

Almost all the sectors have moved to cloud platform, and hence the demand for cloud experts is increasing. We train you to be one and make you to be in cloud nine.

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Research Tools

Research is a different ball game that demands culminated skill sets, hence, we have a constantly updated pool of tools that will make you as an expert in research and analysis.

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Artificial Intelligence

AI is not for future it is the need of the hour. Most of the sectors have started implementing AI. Don’t be left behind, get the intelligence to make the machines intelligent

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Cyber Security

Get prepared as a defender by gaining the skill sets to secure the Cyber world. Be a Terminator and demolish the intruders by learning the novel technologies of cyber security

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Data Science

We are the answer for the demands of Data Science, we prepare you to readily take the jobs in this area by enhancing your competency in analysis, modelling, programming, and communication to name a few.

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