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We provide consultation for academicians, postgraduate researchers, public and private sector organisations with their research projects and future academic pathways.

Entipivi have various range of consultants who specializes in Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Research Tools, Cloud Platforms, Digital Marketing , big data, machine learning, software engineering and mobile application development. Experts strives to foster an understanding of the connections and interplay between technology, pedagogy, and curriculum, and the process changes necessary to shift the focus from teaching to learning. Entipivi consultants have come across various primary tasks and responsibilities.

Data Analytics

The data analytics trends has been triggered by the overwhelming proportions of available data, which just cannot be left unseen by the marketing radar of any type of businesses. However, data analytics cannot be accomplished by amateur and requires the skills and technical know-how of experts.

Entipivi provide data analytics services using python and r programming based analytics, machine learning, cloud analytics, big data processing and break-through methods to connect data to the questions you’re asking and the answers you’re searching for.

Research and Graduate project

Entipivi welcome graduate students from diverse technical backgrounds and offers opportunities to get involved in variety of capacities. We believe in the power of real work which mean our consultant prepare graduates students alike have hands-on project experiences, research to prepare them for the real world.

Study/Career Path Consultation

Entipivi consultants provided consultation to working adults in strategizing their education path in Master and PhD level. Also assist undergraduate and graduate students to complete their program objectives through coaching, mentoring and creating effective goal action plans. In addition, Experts collaborated with a cross-functional team of advisors, contributing to the organizations student-centric focus, retention and graduation outcomes.

Curriculum Development

Entipivi experts team have developed, coordinated, reviewed and implemented curriculum plans for diploma, undergraduate and master level. Further worked with various university teaching staff to review the existing plans and module materials currently in use and made suggestions for ways to improve them. Expert’s skills ensure all the developed curriculum meets the standard of MQA and learning objectives to cover in the stipulated time duration.

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